Products once purchased will not be exchanged or accepted back under any circumstances. No refunds would be provided under any given circumstances.

We recommend our customers to enjoy and utilize our “Book a Live Session” on our online store. “Book a Live Session” is a part of our online store where the customer can book a particular time slot in the given working hours to have a visual look of the sarees selected by the customer. After having a look, our customer can complete the purchase process. After the saree is selected and paid for we would forward your order for dispatch and no refunds will be entertained. No cancellation of our products would be acceptable after the order has been placed and goods have been paid for.

General information necessary to be provided to the customer when it comes to returns, exchanges and refunds:-

Handmade: Please note that we have many products which are handmade, i.e. handwoven, made and finished by karigars, thus making each weave delicate. Such products require careful handling after the purchase as well.

Quality testing and missing yarns: Each product from Aasopalav is carefully checked and put under a quality check that is why missing yarns and uneven yarn contrasts a general sight. This is nothing but the natural characteristic of the weaving procedure. As a part of the process the missing yearns and weaving in the fabric are a part of handmade products, it is not a defect.

Colour and Texture:

Each and every product on the Aasopalav website may see some minor variations in the end product due to the effect of photography. We try our best to meet the accuracy of the displayed product on the website and the end product. The color on the viewing device also matters as the resolution of the monitor/screen that you are viewing the products may display the color differently depending on the settings. Aasopalav does not guarantee any accuracy in such cases.

You may notice some unevenness in the contrast colors, however that is a natural outcome of hand done dyeing process, hence the style is peculiar. At times there are dark color markings below the border that is on the piping of handwoven products. These are marks made by the karigar/worker when the product is being handwoven.

No guarantee is provided for any kind of artificial or pure fabric sarees and no guarantee for zari or machine work or embroidery on the product is provided. Value added elements like beads, sequins, stones require extreme care and may fall off due to the user or the way of handling. Due to exposure to water, sweat, perfumes or any chemicals there are chances that the color of the product is affected.

These all are a part and parcel of unique and original products and are not considered to be called as defects or faults under any condition. By purchasing the product we are sure that you are aware of and have read our Returns, Exchange and Refunds Policy and agree to the same and have no further objections regarding the same.